Thursday, 27 November 2014

Find Out What Motherboard I Have Installed

Find out the name of the motherboard installed in your computer.

The motherboard is a major hardware component of a computer. It is the "circuit board" into which the most important components of the computer are plugged. To know the brand of the motherboard, you can either open up the computer or use a software to determine it for you. If your computer is new, opening up the computer may "void" the warranty, so you may want to use software instead.


1. Boot the computer and press the "Pause" key when the computer initializes the first screen page. You should see the type of processor, amount of RAM and type of video card installed. Below this information should be the brand, model and version of the motherboard. If it is not listed, proceed to Step 2.

2. Open the computer casing to see the motherboard's product name. Disconnect all cables and use a screwdriver to open the computer case. Note that there is no exact way to open a computer casing, as it differs from one case to another.

3. Locate your motherboard. It is the main board where all hardware devices are attached. Look for the brand name and model number of the motherboard. The label is usually engraved in large letters, larger than all the other labels you will see.

4. Download a "hardware identification program" and install it to your computer if opening the computer casing will void the computer's warranty. Most hardware identification programs work the same way.

5. Launch the program and navigate to the main menu. Select "Mainboard information" or "Motherboard information." This displays the complete motherboard information including the brand name, model and version. It may also display the chipset model, number of memory slots and other relevant information, depending on the software you are using.

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