Monday, 10 November 2014

Install An Msi Motherboard

The external ports at the back of a computer need to match the finishing, or metal cutout at the rear of the case.

Motherboard installation into a computer case (including MSI motherboards) is a fairly uniform procedure. If you're installing a new motherboard, it should come complete with all the installation hardware you'll need. A computer case is compatible with several motherboards, so you when you're lining up the motherboard and the panel it secures to, you may have extra holes, which is fine--those holes will just remain unused.


Install Motherboard

1. Open your computer case and remove the metallic plate that the motherboard will attach to. This is often attached to the right side panel. You can usually remove it by unscrewing it from the back of the case.

2. Line up the motherboard with the metallic case and note what screw holes are common to the motherboard and the plate.

3. Install the metal stands, or screw nuts, in the holes in the case that match the holes in the motherboard. Attach the screw portion of the stand to the metal plate so the nut portion faces the motherboard.

4. Place the motherboard on the metal plate using washers between the motherboard and the stands. Then install screws through the motherboard into the stands. Place a washer between the screw and the motherboard on any screw holes that do not have a metal surface around them. Don't use washers on the screw side of any holes with metallic surfaces.

Finish Case

5. Match the finishing on the back of the case with the connectors on the motherboard. The finishing is the metal plate at the back of the case that connectors poke through. If the connectors don't line up with the holes in the finishing, remove it and install the finishing that was supplied with the motherboard.

6. Connect the front panel wires from the case to the motherboard. Some of the wires you will find included power switch and speaker wires. The wires will be marked and so will there corresponding locations on the motherboard, so attach each wire at the correct location. Consult your motherboard documentation to find out where to install front USB, mic and headphone wiring.

7. Slide the motherboard panel back onto the side panel and reattach it with screws. Do not close the case because you still need to install a CPU, RAM, hard drives and other components.

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