Thursday, 13 November 2014

Remove A Wire From A Connector

Cutting the wire is the easiest way to remove a connector.

An electrical connector is a device that fastens onto a wire and acts as a physical interface that will allow the wire to connect to a device or another wire. There are many different types of wire connectors, but most connectors attach to a wire by means of a terminal screw or by crimping onto the wire. There are times when a connector needs to be replaced due to damage, or because the wire will be connected to another type of connector. Removing a wire from a connector is a very easy task. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Look closely and observe the connector and the wire. Observe how the connector is attached to the wire, and determine the type of connection applied. A crimped connection has the metal sheet of the connector folded onto the wire to make a lock seam. A terminal screw connection is accomplished by wrapping the wire around a screw and washer, and tightening the screw to secure the connection.

2. Pry open the conductor crimp, or folded metal sheet of the connector to free the wire underneath. Place the connector on a flat surface, and hold it in place, using regular pliers. Insert the thin edge of a utility knife between the folded metal sheets and pry up the sheet to loosen its grip on the wire. Firmly grip the connector with a pair of regular pliers, and pull the wire to release it from the connector.

3. Find the terminal screw that attaches the wire to the connector. Loosen the terminal screw by turning each screw counterclockwise, using a screwdriver. Carefully pull the wire to remove it from the connector.

4. Cut the wire just below the neck of the connector to remove the connector from the wire, using diagonal pliers. A connector can become corroded, and can be very difficult to remove which is why cutting the wire may be the only option that you have. Some connectors can not be removed without cutting the wires, such as telephone plugs, simply because they are designed to permanently crimp onto wires.

5. Place the connector between the jaws of a small vise, and tighten the vise just enough to allow it to grip the connector firmly without deforming it. Pull the wire lightly, and use a soldering gun or iron to melt the solder that holds the wire to the connector. You should be able to pull the wire free from the connector as soon as the solder melts.

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