Thursday, 6 November 2014

Replace A Motherboard On A Dell Latitude

Replacing the motherboard of a laptop can be a daunting task, as it requires a great deal of expertise and know-take apart a laptop. You really need to strip practically every component off the laptop to get at the motherboard. Replacing it is equally complex, as you now have to correctly put back everything that you took out.


1. Wear the wristband of the anti-static kit. Remove the battery. Remove the keyboard cover located near the base of the screen using flat-tipped screwdriver.

2. Remove the screws connecting the keyboard to the chassis. Unplug the keyboard connector.

3. Remove the video connector and the remaining screws from the hinges of the display. Remove the display assembly.

4. Flip the laptop over gently and remove the screw securing the CD/DVD Drive. Remove the RAM modules, antenna connectors and wireless card. Remove the screw securing the hard disk and release the disk. Remove all the screws that you can see in the bottom of the laptop.

5. Turn the laptop over. Remove the screws holding the top cover to the chassis. Disconnect the touchpad connector. Lift the top cover and put it aside.

6. Remove the screws securing the motherboard assembly to the chassis. Remove the motherboard assembly. Remove the screws on the CPU heat sink and lift it off.

7. Remove the CPU and fix it into the CPU socket of the new motherboard assembly. Repeat Steps 1-6 in the reverse order to house the new motherboard assembly correctly.

Tags: Remove screws, motherboard assembly, laptop over, screw securing