Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Use The Msi Overclocking Center

Use the MSI Overclocking Center

The MSI Overclocking Center allows you to control the clock speed of every part of your MSI motherboard. Not only can you control how they run normally, but also you can control how everything on your motherboard runs based on the application your computer is running. With this technology, you can increase your computer's power while running the latest game or allow it to use much less power when sitting idle. Now, the control over your computer and how it responds is in your hands.


1. Double-click the Overclocking Center icon on your desktop to open the system info screen.

2. View motherboard, memory or PCI information under System Info. Motherboard information includes CPU, BIOS and video card information. Under Memory, view each DIMM slot on the motherboard, see the type of memory attached and view all the information. Selecting PCI gives you the information on all devices on the motherboard itself.

3. Choose D.O.T. and Basic to see five preset options for overclocking. From here, you can choose Cooling, Silence, Default, Gaming or Cinema. Each of these will change the clock speed configuration of your motherboard to predetermined settings to help your system run the required operations.

4. Click "Advanced" to change the values for each of the Basic options. Click on the right side of each button to set your options from a pull-down menu for everything attached to the motherboard. Under System Warning, you can manually set minimum and maximum levels for temperature and fan speeds.

5. Click "Save" once you have adjusted your values to keep your settings. Your computer is now set up to run at the speeds you want.

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