Monday, 28 December 2015

The Motherboard Specifications For The Hp Pavilion 7960

Get motherboard specifications for the HP Pavilion 7960.

Introduced on June 1, 2001, the HP Pavilion 7960 desktop computer--which has since been discontinued--featured an ASUS motherboard with an Intel processor and chipset, and a front side bus.

Processor and Cache

The base processor used on the HP Pavilion 7960's motherboard was a 1.3-GHz Intel Pentium 4. The Level 1 cache totaled 128 KB while the Level 2 had 256 KB.

Chipset and Bus

The HP Pavilion 7960's chipset was an Intel 850 running on a 400 MHz front side bus.

Memory Supported

The HP Pavilion 7960's motherboard came with a standard 128 MB of PC600 RDRAM. It was expandable to 2 GB. A minimum of two chips were required, and the RAM ran at 400 MHz.

Power Requirements

The HP Pavilion 7960 motherboard required a 12-volt adapter at 4.0 amperes to power the computer.

Other Integrated Features

Also integrated into the HP Pavilion 7960 motherboard were a 10/100 BaseT networking interface and an IEEE 1394 interface.

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