Friday, 28 November 2014

Install A Compaq Evo D510 Motherboard

Install a Compaq Evo D510 Motherboard

To install a Compaq Evo D510 motherboard, you must open the computer and disconnect the old motherboard first. The inside of the Compaq Evo D510 is compact, which makes it a little difficult to reach things without almost completely disassembling the computer. However, because the computer is so small, there are not a lot of parts to disassemble. The Compaq Evo D510 is made so you can disassemble the computer with minimal use of a screwdriver.


1. Unplug the computer, then push the two green tabs on the back of the computer inward at the same time. Pull the back of the computer away from the case to open the computer.

2. Lift the green hard drive retaining bracket on the right of the computer if the back of the computer is facing you.

3. Disconnect the power and data cable from the hard drive tray. The inside of the computer that you can see is divided into three parts. The left side has power supply unit, the bottom-right side has a fan and the upper-right side has a black, rectangular hard drive tray.

4. Pull the hard drive tray to the right to remove it.

5. Remove the memory modules located under where the hard drive tray was. Push the two white clips securing the memory modules away from each other, then lift the memory modules out of the computer to remove them.

6. Remove the optical drive. Turn the computer around so the front is facing you. In the bottom-left corner, push the green tab to the left. While you are pushing the green tab, grab the optical drive located just above the green tab and pull it away from the computer until the cable connected to the back is revealed. Disconnect the cable and remove the optical drive.

7. Reach into the computer and disconnect any cables that may be connected to the green motherboard inside, including (if the back of the computer is facing you, the system power cable in the upper-left corner, the hard drive connector to the right of the system power cable, the optical drive connector along the upper-right edge of the motherboard, and the power connector (different from the system power cable) just below the optical drive connector.

8. Turn the computer over so the bottom is facing up and unscrew the six screws from the motherboard. There is one in each corner, one screw in the middle of the motherboard at the bottom (if the back of the computer is facing you), and one about 2 inches to the left of the direct center of the motherboard.

9. Unscrew the silver, square heatsink from the motherboard. There is one screw in each corner. Lift up on the heatsink to remove it.

10. Unclip and lift up on the latch holding the processor in place. The latch is to the left of the processor if the motherboard is oriented so the memory slots are closest toward you. Push down on the latch and maneuver it around the small plastic tab sticking out from the processor slot. After lifting up the latch, lift the processor out of the slot and place it in the new motherboard. Close the latch on the new motherboard.

11. Replace the heatsink and screw it into place.

12. Place the new motherboard on the bottom of the computer and screw it into place.

13. Reconnect the system power cable, hard drive connector, optical drive connector and power connector.

14. Reconnect the optical drive and place it back into the slot. Push on the front to firmly seat it in place.

15. Replace the memory modules by placing them into the memory slots, then pushing down on each end of the memory slot. This will cause the white clips to clip into place.

16. Slide the hard drive tray back into place, then reconnect the hard drive and power cables.

17.Lower the retaining bracket and slide the computer back into the case until it clips into place.

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