Friday, 14 November 2014

Install A Driver For Multimedia Audio Controller

Drivers are software programs that are installed on your computer to allow your operating system to talk to hardware devices like speakers, for example. Without a driver of some type, computer hardware could not work. In fact, if you add hardware to your computer and it does not work, the most common problem is that the correct driver is not installed. A multimedia audio controller driver allows the operating system to talk to speakers, microphones, line-in/out, and other related devices.


1. Determine the manufacturer of your multimedia audio controller. If you have just purchased the audio device, just check the box. If you are trying to install drivers on a computer where the device is already installed, you may have to open your computer and look at the card to determine the manufacturer. If your audio plugs are attached directly to your motherboard (open up the computer and look inside if you're not sure), you will use the manufacturer of the motherboard.

If you do not have the installation disc, locate the website of the manufacturer of the device driver and download the driver for your operating system.

2. Double-click on the file that was downloaded or located on the installation disc. This will start the installation process for the multimedia audio controller.

3. Click on the "Install" button. With most device drivers, a window will appear while the program examines your system, and then a window will show up that will inform you that you are about to install the driver. There will be a "Start" or "Install" button on that screen. The screen will also tell you the name of the multimedia audio driver that you are installing.

4. Observe the window for errors. As the installation process continues, the window will update with information, check marks, or a progress bar indicating the progress of the installation. If there are errors during the install process, they will appear on this screen. If the software fails to find the multimedia audio device installed, it may indicate an error. If the audio device isn't physically installed correctly, that would also produce an error in this step.

5. Click the "Finish" button. In most cases, when the driver installation is complete, the computer will need to be restarted. The screen with the "Finish" button will indicate if a re-start of your computer is needed.

6. Check that your driver has installed. After the re-start, or after the installation finishes, go to the Control Panel and check "Audio Devices." Your newly installed multimedia audio controller should appear in that section. You can click on your audio device and change the various settings for volume levels, recording levels, and other information regarding your device here.

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