Monday, 3 November 2014

Install A Socket Am2 Cpu

AMD AM2 Socket, photo by Richard Huber

Though potentially the most important part of the computing solution, central processing unit (CPU) installation is a remarkably simple task. Installation of a Socket AM2 CPU is a quick task involving no special tools or knowledge. There are, however, a few common pitfalls that computer users sometimes make which are easily avoidable.


1. Locate the AM2 CPU socket on your motherboard. The CPU socket is traditionally found in the upper left corner of the motherboard, near the external peripheral ports.

2. Press and lift the CPU socket lever located on the edge of the CPU socket. This lever holds down a retention plate which goes over the CPU.

3. Open the CPU retention plate so the CPU may be placed into the socket.

4. With the CPU socket in the open position, carefully place your AM2 CPU into the CPU socket. These CPUs and sockets are keyed to allow the processor to be installed in only one orientation. If you find your processor is not easily slipping into the socket, you most likely have the processor turned in the wrong position. Do not under any circumstance apply pressure when inserting the CPU into the socket, as this will have no beneficial effects and damage both the motherboard and the CPU.

5. Lay the CPU retention plate back into the closed position over the CPU. This operation may require the use of some force, as the retention plate is meant to securely hold the processor in place.

6. Re-engage the CPU socket lever into its locked position. The retention plate and processor should look uniform and flush with the socket.

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