Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Install Sli Video Cards

Combine multiple video cards with SLI.

SLI is a technology developed by NVIDIA to allow multiple graphics cards to be linked together. SLI combines the graphics processors on the cards to work together as one unit. This allows for faster and smoother video performance, which is useful in graphics intensive games. In order for SLI to work, the PC's motherboard and video cards must be SLI certified.


1. Unplug the computer to reduce the risk of electric shock, then remove the side panel to access the inside of the computer.

2. Remove the metal fillers for the PCI Express slots on the motherboard. These are located towards the bottom half of the motherboard and are aligned horizontally.

3. Insert the video cards into the PCI Express slots. The video cards can only be inserted one way. Make sure the video connectors are pointing to the back of the case. If the video card is especially thick from an extra fan, skip a slot, then install the other video card.

4. Connect the PCI Express power cables from the power supply unit of the computer to the back of the video cards. This is a six-pin connector.

5. Connect the SLI bridge between the cards. About an inch from the end of the card with the video connectors, there is a separated piece of computer board just before the fan. This is where the SLI bridge should be connected on each card.

6. Close the case and plug it in. Start up the computer.

7. Install the drivers for the video cards and motherboard from the included CDs. Restart the computer and the SLI cards should be working.

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