Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Fix A Sansui Rz5200av Stereo Receiver

Fixing a Sansui RZ-5200AV receiver involves running through a troubleshooting checklist.

The RZ-5200AV is a consumer-level home audio receiver made by Sansui Electric Co., Ltd, a Japanese manufacturer of audio and video equipment, beginning in 1997. Capable of outputting 50 watts of power to attached front and center speakers and 15 watts to each rear speaker, the RZ-5200AV can fill a room with sound at the touch of a button. With a long history in the development of audio/video products, Sansui equipment can be worthwhile and reliable, but, as with all electronic devices, some problems may occur. With the RZ-5200AV receiver, many of these problems can be resolved by following a simple checklist.


1. Check to ensure the receiver's power cord is plugged in to the rear panel of the receiver and an electrical outlet.

2. Ensure that "STANDBY/ON" button, located on the left side of the receiver's front panel, is pressed in and the power light below it is on.

3. Locate the speakers buttons, labeled "SPEAKERS A" and "SPEAKERS B", which can be found on the left half of the receiver's front panel underneath the "PHONO" button. Ensure that these are in the "ON" position to output sound to the speakers.

4. Ensure the wiring connecting your speakers to the receiver are connected to both the rear of the receiver and the speakers. Pull the speaker cables out of both the receiver and the speakers, twist the copper core in to a point, and reinsert them in the appropriate location. Ensure that the positive wire is connected to the positive port and the negative speaker is connected to the negative port on both the receiver and the speakers.

5. Turn the "MASTER VOLUME" control knob one-quarter up, to "20," to control sound output volume.

6. Check that your source is properly plugged in to the inputs on the RZ-5200AV receiver, either through the rear ports or the "AV 2" ports on the receiver's front panel. The ports correspond to source function buttons on the receiver's front panel.

7. Ensure the source you are trying to play is selected on the receiver. If you are trying to play FM Radio, press the "FM MODE" button, located on the right side of the receiver's front panel, and adjust the "TUNING" buttons until you find a stable signal. If you have a CD player plugged in to the CD player ports on the back of the receiver press the button marked "CD." Likewise for any auxiliary inputs such as DVD players, tape decks, or video game consoles.

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