Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Use A Pin Extractor

Pin connectors are commonly used in computer electronics.

When working with electronics, sometimes it's necessary to remove connector pins from their housings. Pins are secured within the housing via locking tabs -- easily bendable metal strips alongside the pins. These tabs pop out once the pin is pushed into the connector. A pin extraction tool serves to press the locking tabs back down, so that the pin may slip easily back out from the connector housing. If you have to remove multiple pins from a housing, it is a good idea to mark the proper socket for each pin connector. This makes it easier to replace the pins later on.


1. Line up your extractor with the pin or socket terminal. Insert the pin all the way into the extraction sleeve. This will release the locking tabs along the side of the pin.

2. Push the trigger on the extraction tool. Some tools may have a long ejector, while others may have a simple button. This will expand the springs within the extraction sleeve, pushing it forward.

3. Slide the pin back out of the connection housing. It should slip out without any resistance. Repeat as needed for other pins.

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