Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Identify A Multimedia Audio Controller

Audio is a standard aspect of the computer experience.

There are many audio devices that integrate with computers to provide sound playback and recording. Most computers recognize three types of multimedia audio. Regular audio playback is the most obvious and frequently used feature. However, some audio devices also provide MIDI file playback, which is an alternate form of audio where the sound is generated by the audio card based on MIDI data. Additionally, an audio device may offer a sound-mixer program. It is relatively straightforward to identify what particular model of multimedia audio controller you have and the extent of its features.


1. Right-click on the My Computer icon or menu. The My Computer icon often resides on the Windows Desktop. If it is not present there, it is available in the Windows Start menu. In this case, right-click on the menu item. A pop-up menu will appear. Choose the "Properties" command. An additional pop-up window will appear.

2. Select the "Hardware" tab in the "System Properties" window that appears. Press the "Device Manager" button on this tab. Another pop-up window will appear.

3. Scroll down in the list to the "Sound, video, and game controllers" item. Expand the list by clicking the plus sign next to the entry. A list of all the multimedia audio controllers will display, allowing quick and easy identification. For additional information, double-click one of the entries. Another pop-up window will appear.

4. Choose the "Properties" tab in the properties window for the audio device you selected. A list of all the features for the particular audio device is listed for quick identification of its controller types.

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