Thursday, 6 November 2014

Install A Motherboard Bios

The BIOS chip on your motherboard dictates how the motherboard interacts with some of its components and what order it uses to boot up the operating system. If you remove an old BIOS, you must install a new one for the computer to work. The new BIOS must fit in the same orientation as the old one. Make sure you get a BIOS chip compatible with the motherboard's model. You'd do best if you buy the same BIOS chip that the motherboard had installed previously.


1. Turn the computer around until the rear part faces in your direction. Disconnect everything from the computer.

2. Remove the screws from the right edge of the unit's back.

3. Pull on the cover that was held down by the screws you removed until it starts to slide.

4. Put the cover aside.

5. Search for the port where the old BIOS sat. If you still have a BIOS in that port, use an IC extraction tool to remove it.

6. Align the new BIOS chip to the socket the same way the old BIOS chip was. Don't use any other orientation than the original one. Push the chip into the socket with enough force so that it sinks completely into the socket.

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