Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Repair Dell Laptop Motherboards

Motherboard repair may require multiple attempts at disassembly and re-assembly.

Laptop motherboard repair is difficult because of the components that lie in the way of accessing the motherboard on your Dell laptop. Components must be removed and potential problems checked for, then the components must all be replaced before you can test the results of your repair attempts. If a repair fails, disassembly must occur again to attempt further fixes. Fortunately, as long as you have time on your hands, all you will need for Dell laptop motherboard repair is a Phillips head screwdriver.


1. Turn off the Dell laptop. Disconnect it from any power source, then flip the unit over and locate the battery outline at the top center of the laptop's bottom. Below this is the battery release, which when activated will pop out the battery. Remove it.

2. Notice the two plastic compartments below the battery. The hard drive compartment is at the right, while the RAM compartment is just to the left of this. Both are covered with plastic hatches and held in place with screws. Use a Phillips-head screwdriver to remove the screws, then remove the plastic compartments to reveal the components.

3. Use your fingers to remove the RAM modules. They will simply pop out. This is the first of several components that must be removed to access the motherboard for repair.

4. Grab the right side of the hard drive and pull up to remove it.

5. Take note of the revealed wireless card now that the hard drive and RAM are gone. Two black antenna cables run from the wireless card into two connectors. Set the connectors into their upright orientation by flipping them up. This will "unlock" them and allow for the disconnection of the cables. Remove the wireless card.

6. Take out all the remaining screws on the bottom of the Dell laptop using your Phillips head screwdriver. All visible screws on the bottom casing must be removed.

7. Turn the Dell laptop over again and remove the keyboard, which will be loose. As you lift it out, you will see the keyboard cable running down to the connector at the base of the laptop. Lift the connector into the upright position and remove the cable, then finish removing the Dell's keyboard.

8. Check to see if the video cable connector that runs to the motherboard has accidentally become disconnected. With the keyboard out, you will see this cable connector under the lift display hinge. If it is disconnected, reconnect it. This should alleviate your motherboard problems. If this does not result in the motherboard operating, you will need to disconnect the video cable again and proceed further into the computer.

9. Take out both the screws directly below each monitor display hinge. Lift up and carefully remove the monitor assembly.

10. Pull out the top housing of the Dell laptop. With the keyboard and screen out of the way, you will be able to pry it off.

11. Take stock of the exposed motherboard and remove the large screw at its bottom right. This will free the motherboard.

12. Begin to lift up the Dell laptop's motherboard. Two cables run from the bottom of the motherboard to connectors below. Ensure these are connected to the connectors and are not loose. If they are, plug them back in.

13. Test your laptop after reassembly. If the Dell still does not work, you will need to remove the motherboard altogether for replacement. Repeat the disassembly and disconnect the motherboard from the two connectors with a gentle tug. Pull out the motherboard and set it aside for replacement.

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