Friday, 28 November 2014

Make A Bootable Usb In Win Xp For Asus Eee

Make a Bootable USB in Win XP for Asus Eee

A bootable drive is a tool that allows you to circumvent entering into your standard operating system, instead placing your computer at a command prompt in MS-DOS. This is necessary for making certain system changes, such as the installation of a new BIOS file. While in the past the only viable method for creating a boot disk was through the use of a floppy drive, advances in technology have made it possible to construct a boot disk out of a USB drive as well. All you will need is one simple, free program.


1. Insert your USB drive into the computer. Format the drive by clicking on the "Start" button and "run," then typing in "Format x:," where "X" is the letter of the USB drive. Format the USB drive using the FAT file system. This process will erase everything on the drive, making it useful as a boot disk, and should take no longer than a few minutes.

2. Download the free WinToFlash program (see link in Resources below). This is a piece of freeware that will automatically prepare your USB drive with the files that it needs to act as a boot device. Install the program on your hard drive after it has finished downloading.

3. Run the WintoFlash program. At the program startup, select that you want to prepare a "Boot Disk," and indicate the letter of the USB drive. Input the "Drive Type" as "USB Stick," the format type as "USB HDD" (hard disk drive), and the file system as "FAT32." The program should take five to 10 minutes to write the required files to the USB drive, after which time you will have a fully functioning boot disk for your Asus Eee.

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