Monday, 10 November 2014

Fix A Gateway Solo Computer That Is Down

Fix your Gateway Solo running problems.

The Gateway Solo is a wireless notebook computer that runs on a Windows operating system. While using the computer you may run into unexpected issues and the Gateway computer system goes down, preventing you from performing any of your work or even booting the computer to the operating system. With any of these issues it is extremely important to correct the problems, otherwise the Gateway Solo just becomes an expensive paper weight.


1. Plug the Gateway Solo to its power cable and plug the power cable into a local electrical outlet. If the battery is dead it is not going to boot, but instead remains down.

2. Press the "Power" button on the Gateway Solo computer and begin pressing "F8" over and over until a boot screen appears. Select "Boot from Safe Mode" and press "Enter." If the computer didn't shut down properly during the previous time running it may begin running into start up issues or not boot properly. Loading the computer in Safe Mode" corrects this. Once the operating system loads shut down the computer properly and restart the system. The Gateway Solo now loads back into the normal Windows operating system.

3. Eject the battery from the bottom of the Gateway Solo. While the computer is off, flip the computer over and press the small sliding release button on the middle of the computer. The battery unlocks, then pull it out of the computer. Let the battery stay out of the Gateway Solo for a few minutes, then insert it back into the computer and press the "Power" button. Many times removing the battery for a few minutes corrects a down laptop problem.

4. Eject any disks and CDs in the computer. If a disk or CD is inside the Gateway Solo it may attempt to boot from the inserted content and not the operating system, preventing the computer from loading properly.

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