Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Install An Intel Cpu In A Motherboard

These instructions apply to many Pentium III, Pentium II and second generation Celeron processors (CPUs using Slot 1 motherboards).


1. Make sure the motherboard voltage matches the CPU's requirements before installation.

2. Check Intel's Web site ( for integration notes concerning your CPU.

3. Place the motherboard on a clean, static-free surface, such as its packaging bag.

4. Locate Slot 1 (it should be parallel to the DIMM slots) on the motherboard.

5. Install plastic retention brackets onto each side of the socket, according to motherboard manufacturer's instructions. Tighten screws.

6. Handle the processor package by top corners to avoid touching the chips.

7. If you have an older Pentium II in a Single Edge Contact Cartridge (S.E.C.C.) package, push in latches on short sides.

8. Carefully insert the processor package into slot. Push it down between the retention brackets and guide it into the socket until the levers on the retention brackets lock into place.

9. If you have a Pentium II in an S.E.C.C. package, completely slide out the latches.

10. Connect the cable from the processor's fan to the motherboard connector and power supply.

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