Thursday, 6 November 2014

Replace A Dell Inspiron Motherboard

With enough care and patience, you may be able to replace a motherboard.

Dell created its Inspiron line of desktop computers in mid-2007 as a replacement for the old Dimension series. Most of its desktop models are compact, which can present some obstacles in front of the motherboard. Depending on how many obstacles you encounter and how complex the whole job proves, you might require help replacing the motherboard.


1. Remove the computer's thick power cable to prevent electrocution, then detach all the other cables connecting to the computer. Note which cable goes where if you believe you will not be sure reconnect the cables later.

2. Lay the computer's case flat on the side without the fan on the back (also known as the power supply's rear fan) and unscrew the panel on the side that faces up.

3. Remove the panel by either sliding it out or just pulling it off, depending on the computer's model.

4. Remove the power supply (the big box in the upper left corner of the computer) by unscrewing the screws that are holding it onto the case's exterior.

5. Remove any cables from the power supply that are attached to the motherboard and any peripheral devices, such as hard drives. Note what you removed and where it was connected to make sure you can reconnect everything.

6. Remove the peripherals that are connected to the motherboard's slots on the bottom left. These peripherals can be reused in your next motherboard.

7. Dismount the motherboard by unscrewing the screws that attach it to the side of the case. These screws can be reused for the new motherboard you are placing in the computer.

8. Remove the motherboard carefully from the computer, moving it around occasionally when you encounter some resistance. Sometimes motherboards might resist when the peripheral connectors are being removed from the plates. In this case, shift the motherboard to the right and it should come right off.

9. Remove the connector plate from the previous motherboard. This plate can be found in the part of the computer case where you connect your keyboard and mouse.

10. Place the new motherboard's connector plate on the back of the computer case by pressing it firmly but carefully from within the case until it snaps and neatly grabs onto the outside.

11. Place the motherboard into the case and mount it via the screwholes. You must screw in the ones on the corners; the ones in the middle are a lesser priority.

12. Reassemble your computer by reversing the actions you performed in Steps 1 through 11.

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