Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Replace The Power Supply On An Intel Motherboard

A computer's power supply unit, or PSU, is a cube shaped device usually located in the upper back side of the case, which draws power form an outlet and converts it into voltages that a computer can use to operate. The amount of wattage different power supplies can handle vary, so a computer with many peripheral devices installed can benefit from a more powerful power supply. High end graphics cards also tend to require powerful power supplies. The process for installing a new power supply is the same for Intel motherboards as those produced by other manufacturers.


1. Open your computer's case with a screwdriver

2. Unplug the current power supply's power cords from all your computer's devices. You will likely have to unplug several four-pin connectors from DVD drives and hard drives, one or two cords from your Intel motherboard, and possible more cords from graphics cards, SATA hard drives and other devices. As you unplug the cords take note of how many cords you unplug, where they were plugged in and the type of plug. This will make it easier to plug in the new power cords.

3. Unscrew the old PSU. Remove it from the case. The power supply is likely held in place by four screws on the back of the computer tower. You may have to slide the PSU toward the front of the case a bit to get it to come loose.

4. Install the new PSU in the void left by the old PSU. Slide the power supply into place and screw the four mounting screws in to hold it firm.

5. Plug in the power cords from the new power supply to all of your devices.

6. Close your case and start up your computer.

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