Monday, 1 December 2014

Install An Lga 1366

LGA1366 is a form factor for Intel's Core i7 processors, and it is also known as Socket B. Because the Core i7 processors have internal memory controllers and other features, they require more connections to the motherboard than previous CPUs -- so a new type of socket was used. The LGA1366 socket has 1366 pins that touch an equal number of contacts on the underside of the processor. Because the pins are so small, extreme care should be taken when using this type of socket, as it is very easy to cause accidental damage.


1. Press down gently on the J-shaped lever attached to the CPU socket and move it slightly away from the socket to allow it to unhook. Lift the lever to release the locking mechanism.

2. Flip open the metal shim, which is used to protect the socket, and hold the CPU firmly in place. If no CPU has been installed in the motherboard before, you will need to lift off the plastic cover that protects the pins in the socket. Store the protective cover safely in case you need to return or store the motherboard in future.

3. Carefully place the CPU into the socket. The CPU is keyed with two notches cut from either side, so it can only be inserted the correct way. No force should be required to seat the CPU, as this can damage the delicate pins in the socket. If the CPU is inserted correctly, the top of the processor's circuit board should be level with the top of the socket.

4. Double-check that the CPU is correctly inserted, and then gently close the locking lever and hook it in place, securing the CPU in the socket.

5. Install your chosen CPU cooler according to the cooler's instructions.

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