Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Find Out My Motherboard Socket

Find Out My Motherboard Socket

As computer software becomes increasingly demanding, you'll eventually need to upgrade your system. And since every component of your system may not need upgrading when the time comes, you may opt to replace only the outdated components. Computer processors, along with graphics cards, are some of the quickest components to fall behind going standards and need to be updated. And knowing what type of processor socket your computer's motherboard is equipped with will ensure that you purchase the right type of processor when it's time to upgrade.


1. Locate the model number of your computer and run it through an Internet search engine--like Google or Bing. After you've located your model, check out the specifications sheet and examine the motherboard section for information on the socket type. If you can't locate sufficient information on your computer, then install a system information utility.

2. Download the self-installer version of ASTRA 32, the system information utility. Save anything that you may be working on, and close all running applications. Run the ASTRA 32 self-installer program.

3. Launch ASTRA 32--information about every component installed on your computer will be displayed in the main window. Click on the "Processor" heading--located in the left pane of the program. Your motherboard's socket type will be displayed adjacent to the "Platform ID" heading (e.g. "Socket AM3").

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