Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Make Your Desktop Computer Run Faster

Make Your Desktop Computer Run Faster

Computers slows down after constant usage. Working on a slow computer reduces productivity, and make simple tasks seem difficult. Desktop computers needs to be maintained in order for them to function faster. There are many different maintenance routines that can be performed on a computer periodically, to improve its performance.


1. Clear your "cache" and "cookies" every day. If you are an internet explorer user, go to your browser and click on "Tools," "Internet options," "Delete cookies," and then click on "Ok.". Go back and click on "Internet options" then click on "Delete files," click inside of the little box that says, "Delete all offline contents." Click "Ok" and click "Ok" again, to close the "Internet option" box.

2. Disable unnecessary programs that initiate each time you turn on your computer. There are programs that are not needed, that are enabled in the "Start-up folder." You can perform this task by clicking on the "Start" button, "Run" and type "Msconfig," inside the box. Click "Ok." You will then see the, "System Configuration Utility." Click "Start-up" and look for names of files that you are not using. Click inside the little boxes to disable each one. Click the "Ok" button, and reboot your computer. Do not click on files that you are not familiar with.

3. Keep an updated Anti-virus and Anti-spyware software on your computer. Viruses and spywares can infect your computer, causing it to slow down. Scanning your computer at least once a week, will improve the speed of your computer.

4. Use, "Disk Defragmenter". In windows this can be done, by clicking the "start" button, "accessories," "System tools," and then "Disk Defragmenter." Click on "Analyze," to see if it is necessary to run the "Disk Defragmenter." If the results tells you to defrag your computer, click on "Defrag."

5. Install a bigger hard drive for speed and performance. A larger hard drive will allow large files and videos to download faster. The hard drive will also have more space to accommodate more files, which will increase the speed of your computer.

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