Thursday, 2 April 2015

Tell If A Capacitor Is Blown

Capacitors are found in many different types of consumer electronics, especially personal computers.

A capacitor is an electronic component found in many consumer devices that helps regulate the flow of electricity in an electronic circuit. In some computers the capacitors may malfunction, which can cause the computer to perform poorly. The computer may turn off for no reason or the video may be distorted or possibly not work at all. If this happens, it may be necesary to inspect the computer for damaged capacitors.


1. Grasp the Phillips screwdriver and unscrew any screws before removing the cover of the computer.

2. Find the motherboard and locate the cylindrical capacitors.

3. Shine the flashlight on the motherboard to look for bulging on the top of the capacitors.

4. Shine the flashlight on the motherboard to look for any capacitors not sitting flat against the motherboard.

5. Shine the flashlight on the capacitor to look for any brown residue on the base of the capacitors.

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