Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Increase Memory Voltage On An Asus

A RAM module

Random Access Memory (RAM) critically affects the computer performance. To increase the system performance, you may need to increase (overclock) the memory speed. Adjusting the voltage on the RAM modules is the important step in memory overclocking. The memory voltage is controlled in the Basic Input-Output System (BIOS) that is a special program integrated into the motherboard chip. The BIOS on ASUS motherboards includes the Extreme Tweaker menu designated for system overclocking. Among other options, it allows you to easily increase the RAM voltage.


1. Restart your computer with an ASUS motherboard.

2. Press the key "Delete" when you will see the message "Press DEL to enter SETUP" on the bottom of the screen to enter ASUS BIOS.

3. Use the right/left arrow keys on the keyboard to get to the "Extreme Tweaker" menu. Then press "Enter."

4. Use the up/down arrow keys to get to the option "DRAM Voltage" and press "Enter." Note that the default value is "AUTO"--the BIOS chooses an appropriate value automatically.

5. Select a desired voltage from the list, for example 2.1 V, and press "Enter." Normally you choose a value that in the recommended range (Step 1) for your RAM type.

6. Press the key "F10" on the keyboard to save the changes made and automatically exit BIOS.

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