Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Install An Emachines Video Graphics Card

Upgrade the video card running on your computer.

The video graphics card of a computer, including eMachines systems, produces the video signal used to connect with a monitor. It also helps the system read and reproduce video information from movies and video games. If you no longer are happy with the video graphics card installed on your eMachines computer, you can install a brand-new card into your system.


1. Power down your eMachines computer and wait for the operating system to close.

2. Remove the cables connected to the computer, then remove the Phillips screws around the rear sides of the system.

3. Open the computer case and look toward the back of the computer. Here you can find the current video card connected to a PCI card slot. This is a slot that runs horizontally across the large motherboard. To be sure which is the video card slot, look on the exterior of the computer for where the monitor connection port is listed.

4. Push up on the small plastic levers around the side of the PCI card slot. These are the locks that keep the video card in place. Once the levers are up, pull the current video card out of place.

5. Slide in the new video graphics card and push the small plastic levers down. This locks the card into place.

6. Close the computer case, tighten the Phillips screws and connect the cables back into the eMachine. Power on the computer and wait for the operating system to load.

7. Insert the driver installation CD and wait for the installation wizard to load. Once it does, follow the short series of prompts and click "Install" to install the driver onto the eMachines computer. Once finished, you are set to begin using the new video graphics card.

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