Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Replace The Motherboard In An Hp Zv5000 Laptop

Learn to safely replace your HP Pavilion ZV5000 laptop's motherboard.

Your computer's motherboard is the main circuit board where all components and hardware devices connect to your computer. Without a functioning motherboard, your laptop is basically useless. Replacing your HP Pavilion's motherboard is a tricky procedure. This is because you must remove all components that are attached to your motherboard. There is little working room inside your laptop, which makes it easy to damage fragile components while removing the motherboard.


1. Shut down the laptop. Unplug the AC power adapter from its socket. Close the LCD screen, and place the laptop face down. Orient the computer so the front opening is facing toward you. Remove the battery pack from its compartment in the bottom-left corner of the laptop's bottom casing.

2. Remove the single Phillips screw securing the RAM compartment cover to the center of the laptop's bottom casing. Remove the cover from the laptop. Spread the retaining tabs on each side of the memory module. Tilt the module upward at an angle. Pull the module from its memory slot. Repeat this for each module removed. Store the memory module in a static-free plastic bag, if possible.

3. Remove the two Phillips screws securing the combination drive to the upper-left corner of the laptop. The combination drive consists of an optical drive and hard drive. Pull the combination drive from its compartment.

4. Remove the 10 Phillips screws securing the heat sink compartment cover to the upper-right corner of the laptop. Remove the cover. Remove the four spring-loaded screws securing the heat sink to the laptop. Lift the heat sink out of its compartment and set it aside. This will reveal the processor chip.

5. Slide the processor's locking lever slightly to the left to disengage the processor from its socket. Tilt the processor upward at a 90-degree angle, and then carefully remove the processor from the laptop.

6. Remove the three Phillips screws from along the top edge of the bottom casing. Place the laptop face up, and open the LCD screen all the way. Insert a flat-head screwdriver into the right side of the keyboard bezel. The keyboard bezel is the thin plastic strip situated over the gap between the keyboard and LCD screen. Pry the bezel from the laptop.

7. Remove the four Phillips screws from behind the top row of keyboard keys. Place the keyboard face down over the palm rest. Disconnect the keyboard's ribbon cable from the motherboard, and then remove the keyboard from the laptop's base.

8. Remove the two Phillips screws that secure the modem module to the upper-right corner of the motherboard. Tilt the right side of the module upward, and then disconnect the modem cable from the motherboard. Remove the modem from the laptop.

9. Disconnect the two antenna cables from the wireless card in the upper-left corner of the motherboard. Spread the retaining clips on each side of the card. Tilt it upward at a 45-degree angle. Remove the wireless card from its slot.

10. Disconnect the LCD video cable extending from the left side of the display panel to the motherboard. Remove the Phillips screws from the front and back of each screen hinge. Carefully lift the display panel from the laptop's base, and set it aside.

11. Flip the base of the laptop over, and remove all remaining screws from the bottom casing. Remove the entire bottom casing from the laptop, and set it aside.

12. Rotate the laptop so the rear panel is facing you. Locate the speaker assembly attached to the front edge of the laptop. DIsconnect the speaker cable, and then remove the single Phillips screw securing the speaker assembly in place. Tilt the speaker assembly upward from the rear, and then remove it from the laptop.

13. Remove the remaining Phillips screws securing the system board in place. Then disconnect all remaining cables from the motherboard. Carefully lift the motherboard out of the laptop, and set it aside.

14. Reverse this procedure to install the new motherboard.

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