Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Replace An Lga775

The LGA 775 socket is often referred to as a "Socket T."

The LGA 775, also known as "Socket T," is a CPU socket especially designed for Intel processor chips, and is the predecessor of the LGA 478. Unlike previous Intel CPU sockets like the 478, the LGA 775 does not have pin holes, but rather 775 protruding pins that connect to the Intel CPU chip. Many hardware engineers and computer builders prefer the 775 because of its rugged design. The 775 also does not get as hot as the 478, which helps CPU chips last longer.


1. Disassemble your computer so you have access to your computer's CPU. Computer disassembly varies greatly from computer model to computer model. Refer to the disassembly instructions in your computer's service manual. If you do not have your service manual, many computer manufacturer's offer them from their website for free.

2. Locate your Intel CPU chip, and then lift up on the metal tab to release the CPU chip from the LGA 775 socket. Lift the CPU out of the 775 socket, and carefully set it aside. You may want to store the CPU chip in an anti-static plastic bag temporarily.

3. Pull up on the LGA 775 socket's side handles. Carefully wiggle the socket until it comes free from motherboard. Take your time, eventually the LGA 775 will completely disconnect from the motherboard. Be very cautious as to not damage any of the neighboring computer hardware.

4. Repeat this procedure in reverse to replace the LGA 775 CPU socket.

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