Monday, 20 April 2015

Install Drivers On A Sapphire Ati Hd3650

Install Drivers on a Sapphire ATI HD3650

When you get a new video card such as the Sapphire ATI HD 3650 you need to ensure you have the proper drivers installed. If you use generic drivers you won't be able to take advantage of all of the graphic card features, or display resolutions and advanced settings on the card. It does not take long to install the Sapphire ATI HD 3650 drivers to fully enjoy your new graphics card. Sapphire Tech manufacturers a line of graphics cards with ATI chipsets that handle all of the drivers for its line of cards.


1. Go to Sapphire Tech's website (see Resources) and click "Download."

2. Click "Graphic Card" in the first selection menu, "PCI-E" in the second selection menu, "Sapphire HD 3600" in the third selection menu and choose the specific model of HD 3650 graphics card in the "Product Name" menu.

3. Choose your operating system from the drop down box. Choose the latest Catalyst drivers for your Sapphire ATI HD 3650. Click the small floppy disk icon, choose your download location and click "Download." The latest drivers are usually near the top of the list.

4. Extract the driver files using a program such as Winzip. Click "ATI Easy Install," "Next," "Yes" to agree with the license, "Express Installation" and "Next" to finish the driver installation. Restart your computer when prompted to complete the installation process.

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