Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Jumpstart A Motherboard

Bypassing two pins on your motherboard starts up your computer without a switch.

If your computer's switch stops working, your motherboard no longer receives the signal necessary to turn the computer on. In this case you may either replace the switch, which might take more effort than it's worth, or "hot-wire" your motherboard to allow the power supply rocker switch to turn it on instead. You may find your PSU rocker switch on the back of your computer near the top.


1. Remove the power cable from the back of the computer and turn the computer around so the rear faces you.

2. Remove the screws on the left rear-oriented edge. Usually you must remove two or three screws here.

3. Pull back on the left-side cover of the computer and put the cover aside.

4. Look for a header on the motherboard with many labels on it. A header has many pins sticking out of it, and you are looking for the largest one.

5. Look for the pins on the header labeled PW, PWR_SW or POWER. The pair of pins might have a cable connected to it. If you find this cable, remove it.

6. Place a jumper between the two pins all the way to the bottom of the contacts. Reassemble your computer and plug it in. Your computer will come on without the power switch. To turn the computer off, use the switch in the back.

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