Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Remove A Processor Amd Athlon And Amd

Be careful not to scratch or crack your motherboard when removing your processor.

Removing an AMD processor can be a hair-raising process. The removal of the processor itself is fairly easy but removing the heatsink/fan (HSF) is the difficult part of the process. AMD's mounting bracket, situated around the physical CPU socket on the motherboard, is notorious for being difficult to work with. In some extreme cases, motherboards have been cracked or damaged by overzealous technicians and system builders; so when removing your AMD CPU, extra caution is recommended.


1. Disconnect any cables or plugs that are connected to your computer, including the power supply. Allow the computer to sit for a few minutes to allow the capacitors to discharge.

2. Remove the side panel of your computer's case. There will be mounting screws on the rear of the case holding the panel in place. Mounting screw locations differ wildly from case to case, so consult your owner's manual for specific instructions.

3. Using your flathead screwdriver, slide it into the notch on the mounting bracket on the HSF (heatsink/fan). Press down firmly until the mounting bracket slides out of the mount around the CPU socket.

4. Gently lift the HSF back and away from the motherboard, leaving the processor exposed.

5. Gently pull the small, silver lever away from the socket and then up and away from the motherboard. When the lever is perpendicular to the motherboard, gently lift the CPU processor up and out of the socket.

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