Thursday, 16 April 2015

Install An Msinvidia Geforce Graphics Card

Computer motherboard manufacturer MSI paired up with graphical processing unit (GPU) developer NVIDIA to create the GeForce series of graphics cards. The GeForce 500 series -- the most recent models developed for the MSI-NVIDIA GeForce product line -- features DirectX 11.0 support, 3-D high-definition support for up to three displays and NVIDIA PhysX technology.

Graphics cards are installed to an expansion slot on the motherboard. To install an MSI-NVIDIA GeForce graphics card to your computer, your PC must have a PCI Express x16 slot and two eight-pin power connectors.


1. Turn off the computer and remove the power cable. Disconnect the monitor plug from the back of the PC. Use a screwdriver to loosen and remove the screws from the back of the case cover.

2. Slide the case cover off the computer. Put on an antistatic wrist strap to protect the motherboard and the graphics card from electrostatic damage.

3. Set the computer on its side. Locate the PCI Express x16 slot on the motherboard, which can be found near the back panel, on the opposite side of the peripheral ports.

4. Use a screwdriver to loosen the screw from the slot bracket located to the left of the expansion slot. Set the slot bracket aside. Keep the screw in a safe place as you will need to to secure the card in place.

5. Line up the copper contacts on the MSI-NVIDIA GeForce graphics card with the PCI Express x16 slot. Center the metal bracket on the edge of the card between the motherboard and the chassis.

6. Push the card down into the slot until the copper contacts are no longer visible. Don't exert too much pressure on the card as you could damage the motherboard.

7. Find two eight-pin graphics adapter cables coming from the power supply. Connect each cable to the power connectors found on the top-right edge of the card.

8. Insert into the hole located between the chassis and the card's slot bracket the screw that you removed earlier. Screw the metal bracket to the chassis to secure the MSI-NVIDIA GeForce graphics card.

9. Reassemble the computer. Connect the monitor to the DVI or HDMI port on the back of the card.

10. Boot the computer, log in to Windows, and insert the MSI-NVIDIA GeForce CD into the disc drive. If the computer doesn't automatically load the disc software, click "Start" > "Computer," and then double-click the letter assigned to the disc drive.

11. Click "VGA Drivers" and follow the on-screen instructions to install the MSI-NVIDIA GeForce device driver to the computer. Restart the PC when installation is complete.

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