Thursday, 9 April 2015

Install Socket 478

Socket 478 designates the type of interface that your computer's motherboard uses for its central processing unit. Socket 478 motherboards are compatible with Intel Pentium 4 and Celeron processors. This type of socket is a zero insertion force socket. ZIF sockets use a small level to lock the processor into place when you install it. When you are building a computer or you have installed a new motherboard, the processor installation usually comes early in the build process.


1. Remove all cables attached to the back of your computer. Put your computer on its side and slide the cover off. Some cases are designed with screws holding the covers on or latches that need to be opened before you can slide the cover off.

2. Find the Socket 478 on the motherboard. It should be a small square with a black plastic bracket surrounding it. The square is the Socket 478 while the black plastic bracket is the retaining bracket for the CPU heatsink.

3. Push the handle on the side of the Socket 478 up. Lower the CPU in place, aligning the pinless corners of the CPU with the holeless corners on the socket. Return the handle to its original location.

4. Remove the plastic film covering the thermal compound from the bottom of the heatsink.

5. Line up the corners of the heatsink with the corners of the retaining bracket on the motherboard. Keep the heatsink level as you lower it into place. Apply gentle pressure to each corner to ensure it clips into the bracket. Hold the heatsink down by its fan and lower the top clips one at a time.

6. Attach the heatsink's fan to the small 3-pin power connector on the motherboard. The power connector should be fairly close to the CPU socket.

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