Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Install A 320gb Hard Drive

Install a new hard drive to your computer in a few simple steps.

The hard drive or hard disk is computer hardware that serves as a storage medium for computer files. Hard drives have varying ranges, from the obsolete 20GB to as high as 320GB or greater. As new programs and applications are developed, the need to upgrade computer hard drives has become necessary to accommodate these programs. It is actually easy to install a new hard drive if you know the necessary steps to follow.


1. Study the design of your computer casing to figure out open it. Most casings are held in place by several Phillips screws, while some are "screwless" and have buttons to be pressed or clips that need to be unhooked to open. Refer to the casing manual for specific instructions on open the computer casing. Note that opening the computer casing should be done with the computer turned off and the power cable unplugged from the power source.

2. Locate the slot where you need to place the hard drive. This is usually located parallel to the CD/DVD-ROM/hard disk slot.

3. Look for the "IDE cable" attached to your old hard drive and see if one of the connectors is available to be connected to the new hard drive. If there is no connector available but there is a slot on the motherboard for another IDE cable, you may get another IDE cable and attach one end to the motherboard, and then the other end to the hard drive. If there is no slot for another IDE cable, you may need to disconnect one IDE connector to give room to the new hard drive.

4. Read the sticker attached to your hard drive for the "jumper settings" that you have to follow. Also check the jumper settings of the old hard drive installed to the computer. Set your new 320GB hard drive as the "master" and the other one as "slave." Follow the instructions indicated on the sticker.

5. Place the hard drive on its proper slot and use a Phillips screwdriver (if applicable) to hold the disk in place. Find a power cord attached to the motherboard and attach it to the power port of the disk. Also attach the IDE cable to the IDE cable slot on the hard disk. Close the computer casing.

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