Monday, 13 April 2015

Install Lga775 Pushpins

The LGA775 motherboard is used for some of the most powerful CPUs on the market today.

Heat sink cooling units for the Intel LGA775 motherboard often use pushpins rather than threaded mounting posts and nuts to secure the mounting bracket or housing to the holes provided for them on the board. These pins are convenient because you do not have to turn the motherboard upside down to attach nuts to the mounting posts. They are also quite easy to open and remove when you want to remove your cooler to clean or upgrade it. You can even install heat sinks that use LGA775 push pins without removing the motherboard from your computer case frame.


1. Attach the LGA775 mounting bracket to the bottom of the heat sink by inserting and tightening the screws that are provided by the manufacturer if you are installing a heat sink that requires a separate bracket.

2. Align the pushpins with the four mounting holes that surround your CPU on your LGA775 motherboard. Make sure the points of the pushpins are centered in the mounting holes.

3. Press down simultaneously on both pushpins on the left or right vertical side of the bracket or cooler so that they click firmly into place.

4. Repeat the process for the pushpins on the other side.

Tags: LGA775 motherboard, heat sink, mounting bracket, mounting holes, mounting posts