Monday, 6 April 2015

Install An Agp Video Card

AGP video cards were all the rage for many years. While they're no longer as popular among the cutting edge computer enthusiasts, they are still popular among resellers and computer swap meets. These cards were some of the first dedicated cards on the PC market, requiring a special slot on the motherboard to work. They've paved the way for the advanced graphics processing now available on home computers.


1. Verify that your computer does have an AGP slot. These slots are much longer than a standard PCI slot and will typically have a strangely shaped tab at the end.

2. Unscrew the panel cover. There should be one screw holding in a vaguely "L" shaped aluminum bar that covers the AGP slot.

3. Push the AGP card down into its slot. Some AGP cards are extremely difficult to insert. You really have to push them in to get them seated properly.

4. Remove the back tab if necessary for your card. Some cards are longer than others so there's an oddly shaped tab at the back of the AGP slot. Remove this tab if necessary but hold on to it in case you need to put it back in later. If you don't need to remove the tab, then don't; it's part of what keeps the smaller cards seated properly.

5. Screw the card metal plate back into the computer in the same spot that you unscrewed the cover.

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