Thursday, 23 April 2015

Install A 775 Cpu Fan

CPU coolers transfer heat from your processor to prevent it from frying.

Socket 775 CPUs have a lot of electrical impedance, causing them to overheat easily without a fan on a heatsink. To properly cool your CPU, you need a CPU cooler with a fan and heatsink compatible with your socket type. Although you can install incompatible products, you won't get as much conduction out of it as you need. Don't forget you also need thermal paste to conduct the heat onto the metal plate on the CPU cooler.


1. Squeeze your thermal paste syringe until a drop leaks onto the center of your CPU's surface. Don't rub the solution around the CPU if you use a ceramic paste. Your fan will spread the thermal solution around on its own while you seat it. With silver-based thermal paste, you can spread it around your CPU's surface until it completely covers it.

2. Place your fan on the CPU and press down on each of the plastic legs, turning around the knob until it locks into place. When the fan no longer moves around the CPU, you know you did your job correctly.

3. Connect your CPU cooler's power cable to the 4-pin connector on your motherboard surface. You can now use your computer without worrying about heat on the CPU.

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