Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Install An Nvidia Graphics Card

Install an NVIDIA Graphics Card

NVIDIA is a type of video card. NVIDIA and ATI are the two types of video cards used by gamers and multimedia artists. There are two types of video cards installed in a computer: PCI and AGP. These two types are inserted in different connections on the motherboard. The process of installing an NVIDIA video card is identifying the type of card slot, inserting the card into the slot and installing the graphic card's drivers. Once completed, you notice a considerable difference in better graphics and performance on your computer.


1. Use the screwdriver to remove the screws and the top part of the computer case. The screws for the case are normally in the back of the computer. Once the screws are removed, slide the case off the computer. This exposes the motherboard and its slots where the NVIDIA card is installed.

2. Locate a PCI or AGP slot on the motherboard. PCI slots are white, and there are several on the motherboard. AGP slots are video card connections only, so there is only one or two on the motherboard. AGP slots are labeled with a brown color. You can check the NVIDIA manual that comes with the card or match up the connection size of the card to the slot to identify the type of your graphics card.

3. Insert the NVIDIA card into one of the available motherboard slots. The metal part of the video card connects with the computer's case. Use the screwdriver to screw in the NVIDIA card to the case. This ensures the card does not accidentally become unattached to the motherboard.

4. Place the case back on the computer and replace the screws removed during step one. Once the case top has been tightly faceted, turn on the machine.

5. Insert the NVIDIA driver's CD-ROM or DVD disk into the computer's drive. The drivers come with a purchased graphic's card. If you lost the disk or purchased a used card, you can download the latest drivers from the resource link provided at the bottom of the article. During the installation, follow the prompts to install the graphic drivers that correspond with your graphic card model number.

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