Thursday, 23 April 2015

Find The Serial Number For A Motherboard

Find the Serial Number for a Motherboard

The motherboard is a central circuit board inside the computer that connects all components of the computer together. Although motherboards vary by brand, key components on each include the processor, connections for peripherals such as the keyboard and mouse, a CPU socket, one or more cooling fans, slots of memory/RAM and connections for drives such as a CD-ROM drive. All motherboards come with a unique serial number for identification purposes.


Locating the Serial Number

1. First check the manual for your computer or the manual for the motherboard if you purchased it separately. Often the serial number will be listed on the front or back pages of the manual. Additionally, if you purchased the motherboard individually, check the packaging it came in. Many manufactures include the serial number near the bar code for retail sale purposes.

2. Turn the computer off and unscrew the screws that hold the outer covering in place. Gently remove the outer covering and locate the motherboard, a large circuit board to which everything is connected.

3. Using a flashlight, scan the board for a serial number. Often, the serial and model numbers are listed along the expansion card sockets, long white strips on the left side of the board.

4. Jot down the numbers for your record.

5. If you cannot read the numbers, carefully unplug all items plugged into the motherboard, noting their locations so you can reattach them later, and then unscrew the motherboard. Typically the motherboard is held in place at all four corners. Carefully extract the motherboard from the casing and locate the serial numbers on the board.

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