Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Install Sound Drivers For Emachine Computers

The eMachines company mass produces affordable computers to suit the needs of a range of users. These computers often come with outdated drivers that may not function with newer operating systems or programs. Outdated sound drivers can cause audio to perform poorly or prevent sound from working at all. While most PCs offer easy upgrades, eMachines builds computers considered all-in-one units. Updating the sound drivers on these units should increase quality of sound and prevent software conflicts.


1. Visit the eMachines support website for drivers (see Resources). Specific eMachines drivers may be required for each PC manufactured by the company.

2. Download the sound drivers for your eMachines model. The website lists these under "Audio drivers."

3. Unzip the driver files. The files come in a .zip folder. Recent versions of Windows have system-based unzip programs.

4. Run the executable program to install the updated drivers. Double-click the .exe file and allow the new drivers to install.

5. Reboot your computer to complete the installation.

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