Friday, 10 April 2015

Replace The Hard Drive Of A Sony Vaio

Keyboard retention cover on a typical laptop.

Changing the hard drive on many laptops is as simple as removing two or three screws and sliding or pulling the drive directly out of the case. In other systems you need to remove a cover, a few more screws and sometimes a rugged bracket or cage surrounding the drive. On many models of the Sony Vaio laptop the process is more complicated because the hard drive is located below the keyboard, deep inside the system. This design increases the risk of damaging the laptop.


Removing the Sony Vaio Laptop Hard Drive

1. Back up all data on the drive by burning discs to back up media or by copying or backing up files to an external hard disk drive before beginning the replacement operation. Attach the anti-static wrist strap to a grounded object before opening the laptop case to prevent static discharge from damaging the components inside the laptop.

2. Power down the laptop and remove the battery. Open the lid wide and locate the keyboard retention cover, which is the thin, flat plastic strip that runs between the keyboard and the hinges, often covering the speakers or the special function buttons on the Vaio. Gently pry this plastic strip from the case, starting at one end and being careful not to scratch or dent the plastic on the retention cover or the laptop itself. Also avoid breaking any of the plastic tabs that hold it in place.

3. Remove the keyboard retention screws, which are located under the keyboard retention cover. Lift the keyboard up and out of the way without disconnecting the keyboard cable, if possible.

4. Remove the screws holding the hard drive mounting bracket in place. Gently disconnect the cable attaching the hard drive to the motherboard. Remove the hard drive and mounting bracket from the laptop as an assembly. Remove the hard drive from the bracket.

Replacing the Hard Drive

5. Install the hard drive into the mounting bracket in the same orientation that the old drive came out.

6. Place the mounted hard drive into the laptop and connect the cable to the motherboard. Replace the screws holding the hard drive bracket in place. Replace the keyboard. Screw the keyboard securely to the case.

7. Replace the keyboard retention cover gently by pressing one side down and working across until the cover snaps into place. Replace the battery and attach the power cord. Boot the computer with the operating system disc or the system recovery disc in the drive.

8. Install the operating system, security updates, device drivers, utility software and any other applications or games that are desired by following the prompts on the screen. Restore selected data from the back-up media or external hard drive.

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