Monday, 9 February 2015

Find What Bios Version You Have

Find What BIOS Version You Have

If you are looking to upgrade your BIOS' firmware, it's important that you know your computer's BIOS version so that you can choose the correct update. Most computers installed with a Windows OS can use Windows' utilities to find out the current BIOS version. However, if your system does not use Windows, you can also find out the BIOS by checking the BIOS setup screen itself.


Using Windows

1. Click "Start," "All Programs," "Accessories" and then "Run." Type "regedit" in the dialogue box and then hit "Enter." If you are using Windows Vista, you may need to click "Continue" or "Approve" if the User Account Control dialogue box appears.

2. Click the plus sign located next to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE," then next to "HARDWARE," then finally next to "DESCRIPTION." Click on "System."

3. Look for "SystemBiosVersion" on the right-hand side of the window. Located under the "Data" tab, you should find your current BIOS version.

Using BIOS Setup

4. Restart your computer. Access your BIOS utility before the operating system begins to load. The way to access your BIOS utility will depend on your motherboard's manufacturer.

5. Once BIOS Setup loads, look around the screen for "BIOS Version." This is usually located on the top or bottom of the screen.

6. Exit the BIOS setup screen. Do not save settings.

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