Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Improve Fcat Score

The Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT) is a standardized test given in the state of Florida, at varying grade levels, which assesses students around the state in such areas as reading, mathematics and, at the higher grades, science. Standardized tests are often stressful for students, For those wishing to improve their scores, however, there are several helpful procedures to follow.


1. Form a study group to help prepare in the weeks or months leading up to the exam. Working together in a group allows members who are stronger in an area to help other members who may struggle in that area.

2. Check your local classified ads online or in a newspaper for classes aimed at improving standardized test scores. Classes are often available which teach material geared directly for the test to maximize scores.

3. Purchase a FCAT study book which can offer advice on how best to prepare for the examination.

4. Practice using your calculator extensively before arriving to take the test. Arriving to test without being sure of use every function which may be needed on the test can result in missing questions which you could otherwise answer correctly.

5. Take the practice exams available from the FCAT's web site, which offers the 2007 exams, as well as a scoring key for each.

6. Sleep well the night before the exam. A common mistake before a big exam is to stay up late studying, but a good night's sleep is essential in being in your best form when the time to take the test rolls around.

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