Thursday, 26 February 2015

Flash The Bios Of The Asus A7n8x Motherboard

A floppy is needed to flash A7N8X

The Asus A7N8X motherboard is a socket A motherboard made for some AMD Athlon and Duron processors. Flashing the BIOS of the A7N8X is the process of updating the system BIOS of the motherboard. The BIOS is the set of instructions that the computer follows in order to boot up. The A7N8X motherboard uses awdflash to update its BIOS, a program that must be run in DOS mode (the command prompt in Windows will not work). In order to run the computer in DOS mode, the computer must boot from a bootable floppy with awdflash on it.


1. Insert the floppy into the floppy disk drive.

2. Right-click on the floppy disk drive in My Computer (most likely the A:/ Drive) and select "Format..."

3. Check the box labled "Create an MS-DOS startup disk", then click "Start" to format the disk.

4. Copy the awdflash.exe and Bios Update file to the floppy disk. The BIOS update file should end in ".bin"

5. Restart the computer and press "Del" to enter the BIOS. Navigate through the menus and change the boot device priority of the floppy drive into the 1st Boot Device, then save and exit.

6. Type "awdflash biosfile.bin" in the command prompt after the computer has finished booting from the floppy disk. "biosfile.bin" is whatever the specific name of the bios update file is. Type "dir" and hit enter to view the files that are on the disk to see the specific bios update file name.

7. Follow the prompts when awdflash runs to finish flashing the A7N8X motherboard.

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