Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Identify A Sound Chip

Identify a Sound Chip

A sound card normally has a sound chip on it. In most cases, the chip is not removable and may be soldered to the sound card. If you want to examine or identify the sound chip, you may need to open your computer case and explore your motherboard. However, try not to touch inside the sound card because you may damage the sound chip or other sensitive parts on the card.


1. Unplug and disconnect your computer's power cords from the electrical outlet. Locate an area to work that is static free. Wear an anti-ESD wrist strap to help prevent an electrostatic discharge and possibly damage to your computer parts.

2. Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove any screws that are holding the cover of your computer case in place. Then, pull or slide the cover off.

3. Locate the sound card on your motherboard. If your motherboard has built-in sound, you can disable it in Windows Device Manager. Then, install a plug-and-play sound card with a sound chip into an empty PCI expansion slot. This will provide better sound quality for your system.

4. Examine the sound card and look for the sound chip. The sound chip is usually square and has some markings on it from the manufacturer. Typically, the information pertains to the sound card, such as model number or specifications. Write down the information and use it to learn more about the sound card's features.

5. Replace the cover on your computer case and re-tighten the screws that were removed. Then, plug your computer's power cords back into an electrical outlet.

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