Thursday, 12 February 2015

Flash Bios With A Cd

Use a CD to Flash BIOS.

"Flashing" a BIOS involves updating the way that it operates. As the BIOS is the most important program on your computer (even more important than your operating system), this must be done with a certain level of caution. Flashing a BIOS via a standard CD-ROM is perhaps the easiest and safest way to accomplish this task.


1. Insert your BIOS update CD into your computer's CD or DVD drive. Make sure the CD is inserted properly with the data side facing down. Close the tray.

2. Write down the name of the BIOS update file that is contained on your BIOS update CD. You can find the name of this file by clicking "Start," "Computer," and then right clicking on the CD and selecting "Explore." The update file will be the one with the ".exe" file extension.

3. Restart your computer.

4. Wait a few seconds as your computer recognizes the BIOS update CD in the drive. As opposed to launching your operating system (as your computer normally does), it will instead launch the setup program for your BIOS update CD.

5. Type the name of your BIOS update file (the file name you found in Step 2) onto the DOS prompt you see on screen. Then, hit "Enter."

6. Strike the "Y" key to confirm that you want to update your BIOS. The BIOS update program will now run, and your existing BIOS information will be "flashed" to the new version. Do not shut off your computer or remove the CD during this process. When your computer automatically restarts itself the process is complete.

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