Thursday, 12 February 2015

Install Front Usb And Sound Cables

Add a USB and speaker jacks to the front of your computer by installing a front USB and sound cable card to the front of your personal computer (PC). Installing these connections at the front of your PC makes it easier to connect flash drives, digital cameras, headphones and other peripheral devices temporarily to your computer.


1. Mount the front USB and sound card inside the computer case so that the ports and jacks line up with the appropriate hole in the front of the case.

2. Locate the sound cable, front USB cable and power cable on the card. The labels for the sound and USB cables are displayed on one side of the black connectors. The power cable consists of one black and one red wire twisted together into a beige connector.

3. Refer to the motherboard owner's manual for the locations of the motherboard USB connectors. Proper installation is easy as the front USB cable can only be inserted one way. Insert the cable where specified.

4. Connect the sound cable to the sound card. Again, proper installation is easy since the cable can only be inserted one way.

5. Plug the power cable into the motherboard where specified in the motherboard owner's manual.

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