Friday, 20 February 2015

Install The Processor Fan & Heat Sink On An Intel Dg965wh

The Intel DG965WH system board is compatible with Intel Core 2 Quad and Duo processors, as well as the Intel Pentium Dual-Core and Intel Celeron Processor 400. These processors can use the stock heatsink and fan that comes with the processor, or you may install a third-party cooling assembly to provide the central processing unit with the required cooling. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Remove the cables from the back of the computer if any are attached after you installed the Intel DG965WH.

2. Take the case cover off of your computer tower. You may need to take the screws off of the side panel on the back of the computer case.

3. Take the plastic off of the bottom of the heatsink assembly or squeeze thermal paste onto the bottom of the heatsink with the thermal paste applicator.

4. Align the four corners of the heatsink with the four sockets on the CPU retaining mechanism.

5. Push down on the corners of the frame to snap it into place. Lower the levers one by one on the heatsink. Plug the fan power cable into the small pins by the central processing unit socket. Close your computer case.

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