Thursday, 5 February 2015

Install A 4g Crucial Memory Configuration On An Intel D875pbz Motherboard

The computer relies on the much slower hard drive storage for virtual memory when it runs out of actual memory. When a computer system runs slow, adding more memory to it generally helps to increase the overall performance of the system. You can install 4 GB of Crucial DDR memory to an Intel D875PBZ motherboard to maximize the amount of memory available for that hardware platform.


1. Power off the computer and remove the power cord.

2. Remove the side cover of the computer case. This is typically done with screws or by moving a lever on the back of the case.

3. Remove the existing memory from the Intel motherboard by gently prying apart the plastic tabs on the ends of the memory sticks.

4. Carefully insert the four 1 GB sticks of Crucial DDR memory into the slots. The memory is notched so it may only be inserted in a single direction. Gently apply pressure on the memory until it snaps into place. Do not force the memory in the slots.

5. Replace the side cover and power on the computer. The new memory is recognized automatically by the motherboard.

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