Friday, 20 February 2015

Get An Hp Desktop Pc Mother Board

Hewlett Packard uses a wide array of components to build their PCs. The types of hardware found in any HP is directly determined by its use. More robust computers used for gaming and video editing will have more powerful and therefore more expensive components. Obtaining a replacement motherboard, should your computer be under warranty, is as easy as contacting HP and following its instructions. Should your PC not be under warranty, however, a new motherboard can be purchased from any number of online sources.


Finding Your Motherboard

1. Check your owner's manual for the model number of your HP's motherboard. This information will also be on HP's support website on the support page for your particular model.

2. Should you not be able to locate your model number online or in the owner's manual, remove the side of the PC's case by un-screwing the two (or more) mounting screws in the rear of the case. Using a flashlight, find the motherboard's model number printed on it's PCB.

3. Purchase your replacement motherboard directly from HP, as the company stocks exact replacements for all of their motherboards. Should your motherboard be discontinued, you will have to find a retailer that stocks genuine OEM HP replacement parts

Installing Your Motherboard

4. Attach the leads on your grounding bracelet to something metal and grounded. This will reduce the chances of electo-static discharge damaging your components.

5. Remove the side of your HP's case. Disconnect all of the power supply's connectors and hang them outside of the case, for ease of access. Remove the RAM and graphics card (if present). Disconnect the hard drive and any PCI cards that may be attached to the motherboard.

6. Unscrew the motherboard's mounting screws and remove it gently from the case. Carefully un-mount the heatsink/fan from the CPU socket. Un-clip the retaining mechanism from around the CPU.

7. Install the new motherboard into the case being careful not to over-tighten the mounting screws. Re-connect and re-install all of the previously removed parts.

8. If your PC is running Microsoft's Windows, you may have to perform a "repair install" of the OS. Place the restore disk that came with your HP into the optical drive, reboot and follow the onscreen prompts. Choose the "repair" option when asked.

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